About Us

Perisseuo Offshore is an auspicious shipbroking company with offices in Nigeria and the Netherlands.  We are poised in becoming the leading provider of integrated offshore consultancy, brokerage & logistic marine services

Our objectives are to nurture long-term Clients’ relationships by dealing with a wide range of capabilities such as strategic planning & management, prospecting of new clients, maintaining existing Clients’ accounts, negotiations, tender participations, contract execution, sales & purchase.

We provide a wide range of OSV vessels ranging from Harbour tugs, AHT(s), PSV, FSIVs/Crew boats, Safety standby, DSV(s), Construction vessels, Well stimulation, Workboats, Accommodation work barges, Pipe-laying barges, Dumb barges, Self-propelled barges, Liftboats/Jack-up barges, drilling rigs/ships etc…

Message from our team

Perisseuo Offshore is the lengthened shadow of the founder Mrs. Esther Anochie 1949-2011. Who prophesied and sowed a seed of life towards the establishment of the company. The word “Perisseuo” is a biblical Greek word which means excellence in abundance. The quest for excellence is inculcated in our DNA and reflected in our relationships with Clients by offering bespoke services based on strong scruples and integrity.

The Offshore Shipping industry is a hypercompetitive environment with high barriers to entry in virtually all the clusters of the industry. However beyond competence and proficiency, the key to success is the ability to keep a repeated customer. Globalization & technological advancement has reduced the boundaries between Charterers/Buyers and Owners/Sellers respectively, wherein everyone knows everyone and everyone knows all the global tonnages and their respective availabilities out there. Moreover, in line with this development, our core values are rooted on firm foundations of loyalty, trust, character, selflessness and integrity. This fundamental principles serves as our competitive advantage for our Clients.

Our growing team of brokers and support staffs are poised on making sure that all stakeholders achieve a win-win situation during negotiations; and all discrepancies are resolved promptly and amicably for the overall success of the project.

Welcome to Perisseuo Offshore!

Chukwudi C.A Anochie (MSc.)